icon Losbter Bisque

Losbter, Onion, Carrot, Celery, Tomato

Abalone Soup

Abalone, Shark Fin, Chicken Broth

Shark Fin Soup With "Hong Xiu" Souce

Shark Fin, and "Hong Xiu" Souce

Tom Yang Kung In Young Coconut

Prawm, lemongrass, lime leaves, and Thai's condiments

icon Thai's Seafood Soup

Prawn, Squid, Straw mushroom, and Thai's condiments

Seafood Soup

Prawn, Squid, Chicken Broth


icon Fresh Oysters

Adelaide oyster

Grilled Oysters With Spring Onion

Oyster, spring onion, and butter

Grilled Oysters With Seafood Sauce

Oyster, minced prawn, and seafood sauce

Baked Oysters With Cheese & Wine

Oysters, Onion, Cheese, Wine


icon Lobster salad with tropical fruits

Lobster, mango, watermelon, pomelo, pineapple, and olive Oil

Seaweed salad with red-claw eggs

Seaweed, red-claw egg, maionaise

Tuna Carpaccio

Sliced Tuna, Rocket Vegetables, Olive Oil, Pesto Sauce

icon Salmon Carpaccio

Salmon, rocket salad, pesto, onion, and olive oil

Nicoise Salad

Lettuce, Green bean, egg, anchovy, maionaise sauce, olive oil

icon Crab cocktail with mashed avocado

Crab, avocado, and lime sauce

Ceasar salad

Ceasar salad, anchorvy, maionaise, parmasan, and chickens breast

Seabass tartare

Seabass, onion, coconut cream, and olive oil

Scallops salad

Scallops, Asparagus, Olive Oil

Assorted Green Salad with oil and vinegar

Vietnamese lettucies, onion, green salad

HOH Sashimi

Salmon, Sardinella, Octopus, and Red clams


Grilled Cockles

Cockles, ginger, and "ram" herb (Knotgrass)

Stir- Fried Cockles With Tamarind Sauce

Cockles, tamarind sauce, fish sauce, and chili

Grilled Cockles With Thai's Spicy Sauce

Cockles, Thai's spicy sauce, and basil

Fried Cockles With Garlic

Cockles, Garlic, Chilli Sauce, Sweet&Sour Sauce


Steamed Sweet Snails, Thai Style

Sweet Snails, Thai's sauce, and lemon grass

Fried Sweet Snails With Garlic

Sweet Snails, Garlic, Chilli Sauce, Sweet&Sour Sauce

Stir Fried Sweet Snails With Chilli Sauce, Thai Style

Sweet Snails, Thai's sauce, basil, and chili


Fried Tiger Prawns With Tamarind Sauce & Salted

Prawns, tamarind sauce, and sea salt

Flamed Tiger Prawns With Rice Wine

Prawns, chili, and Vietnamese rice wine

Grilled Tiger Prawns

Prawns on charcoal

Baked Tiger Prawns With Cheese & Wine

Prawns, Onion, Cheese, Wine

Fried Prawns with salted egg

Salted egg, prawns


Grilled Clams With Spring Onion

Clams, peanuts, spring onion, and butter

Steamed Clams , Thai's Style

Clams, white wine, chili, and basil

Steamed Clams With Rice Wine

Clams, rice wine, and spring onion


Grilled Dried Squids

Dried Squid on Charcoal

Crispy Squids With Butter

Squids, egg, wheat flour, and butter

Stir - fried Vegetables With Squid

Squids, perfume mushroom, onion, and celery

Stir- fried Squids In Shacha Sauce

Squids, Sacha sauce, and onion

Crispy Deep - fried Seafoods

Prawns, squids, egg, and wheat flour


Fried Crabs With Sea Salt

Crabs, chili, lemongrass, and sea salt

Fried Crabs With Tamarind Sauce

Crabs, tamarind sauce, sugar, chili



icon Fried Lobster With Tamaring Sauce Or With Sea Salt

Lobster, tamaring sauce, and chili

Stir Fried Lobster With Butter And Onion,Thai Style

Lobster, garlic, Thai's sauce, and butter

Grilled Lobster

Plain grilled lobster on charcoal

Baked Lobster With Cheese, Onion & Mushroom

Lobster, cheese, cream sauce, onion, and mushroom

icon Grilled Lobster with passion-fruit sauce and mashed potatoes

Losbter, passion-fruit sauce, herbs, potatoes


icon Fried King Crab With Sea Salt

King crab, chili, and sea salt

Stir-Fried Vermicelli With King Crab Meat

King crab, vermicelli, and "Ram" herbs

icon Baked King Crab With Cheese, Onion & Mushroom

King crab, mushroom, cream sauce, onion, carrot, and mushroom

icon Steamed King Crab

King Crab, Vietnamese herbs


icon Stewed Abalone With " Hong Xiu" Sauce

Abalone, asparagus, carrot, mushroom, and "Hong Xiu" sauce

Grilled Abalone

Abalone on charcoal


Steamed Grouper With Soya Sauce

Grouper, soya sauce, spring onion, and chili

icon Stir Fried Grouper With Chilli Sauce, Thai Style

Grouper, chili, Thai's sauce, and " Lang " herbs

icon Grilled Grouper With Chilli And Sea Salt

Grouper, chili,BBQ sauce, and sea salt

icon Stir Fried Grouper With Chilli And Tart Sauce, Thai Style

Grouper, dried onion, lime, and coriander

Steamed Grouper With Eggplants

Grouper, Eggplants, Pork, Soya Sauce, Vegetables


icon Grilled Softshells Turtles In Lotus Leafs With Sea Salt

Softshells Turtles, dried onion, garlic in lotus leave

Fried Softshells Turtles With Sea Salt

Softshells Turtles, ginger, pepper, chili, and salt

Stir Fried Softshells Turtles With Red Wine

Softshells Turtles, green bean sprout, and Vietnamese bacons

Stewed Softshells Turtles With Chinese Herbs

Softshells Turtles, and Chinese Herbs

Softshells Turtles Hot Pot

Softshells Turtles, broths, vegetables, fresh rice noodle on the side

Stewed Softshells Turtles With "Hong Xiu" Souce

Softshells Turtles, chicken, pepper, and ginger

Stewed Softshells Turtles With Green Banana And Tofu

Softshells Turtles, green banana, tofu, and Vietnamese sauce


Fried With Sea Salt

Chili and sea salt

icon Grilled With Spicy Sauce And Sea Salt

Chili, salt and, BBQ sauce

Grilled With Spicy Sauce , Thai Style

Dried onion, lime, dried chili, Thai's sauce


Geoducks Porridge

Geoducks, Mashed sticky rice, green bean, and broth

Geoducks Stir-Fried With Assorted Vegestable

Onion, perfume mushroom, parsleys

Fresh Served Geoducks

Sliced Geoducks, wasabi, soya sauce


Fried Eel Fish With Black Pepper Sauce

Eel fish, black pepper, onion, and chili

Grilled Eel Fish Steamed With Galangal

Eel Fish, Galangal


Sweet & Sour Seafood Broth

Prawn, squid, tomato, lime, and chiken broth

Tom Yang Kung Broth

Prawn, coconut cream, Thai's paste, mushroom


Grilled Salmons With Chilli Sauce, Thai Style

Salmon, chili, and Thai's sauce

Grilled Rolled Salmons And Prawn With White Wine Sauce

Salmon, Prawn, White Wine sauce


Fried Rice With Seafood

Perfume rice, prawn, squid, crab meat

Sauteed Noodle With Shrimp

Noodle, kale, prawn, perfume mushroom, carrot

Sauteed Noodle With Seafood

Noodle, kale, carrot, prawn, squid, mushroom


Japanese Abalone Porridge

Abalone, mashed sticky rice, perfume rice, green bean



Assorted Seasonal Fresh Fruits (Small)

Assorted Seasonal Fresh Fruits (Large)

Ice Cream

Lime Sobert Ice Cream

Mango Sobert Ice Cream

Green Tea Ice Cream


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